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We are two friends who talk on the phone almost every day.  Sometimes we talk about the BIG ISSUES (family, faith, politics, etc.), but more often we talk about little issues — things that bring us joy, delight, comfort or style.   We hope this blog will be like a public version of conversations with your girlfriends, your mom or your daughters.

We wonder what styles work on women “our age.”  We’re looking for the best way to cook a yummy meal when the size of our household is suddenly smaller.  We want good books to read.  Have you tried AirBNB?  We’ll buy skin care products if they might actually combat wrinkles.  Where do you buy a flattering swimsuit?  We’d love a perfect lipstick.  We need to talk about what to pack for a trip to Europe.  What should we wear to our kid’s college parents’ weekend?  We’d love to throw a fun dinner party.  We wonder what to make out of the rotisserie chicken we just picked up at the last minute at the store.  Should I go gray?  And we’re always, always, looking for a cute pair of shoes that are actually comfortable.

We’re not experts at anything.  We don’t do anything perfectly or lead lives that belong in magazines.  Our bodies aren’t ideal, our meals are not always gourmet, and our houses aren’t always clean.  But we’re searching for style and fun, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey.



What are your thoughts?

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