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Afterprom — a spectacular party that keeps kids safe

Prom is all about fancy dresses, high heels and tuxedos. Afterprom is about FUN. And don’t tell the kids — it keeps them safe that night, and keeps mom and dad from worrying too much.
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Hey Guys — Valentine’s Gifts Your Wife Will ACTUALLY Like

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that you wife will actually like? It’s not a last-minute box of Little Debbie snack cakes, and it’s not the picked-over cards at Walgreen’s. Aim Cupid’s Arrow higher this year.
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Grand Gifts for the Grandparents

They packed our lunches, bandaged our skinned knees, and taught us our ABCs. Let’s thank our aging parents with gifts that will delight, entertain, and make life more comfortable.
3 generations of Hill women at Christmas
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How To Give Fewer Gifts and Find “A Little Bit More”

Our Christmas was out of control. Every family member was buying a present for 15 other family members.  We spent the days from Black Friday to Christmas Eve stomping through…
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Thanksgiving Traditions

The week of Thanksgiving brings together family, lots of food, college football, Black Friday shopping and the beginning of Christmas.
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PSA: Get your Flu Shot!

Flu season has officially arrived, and it’s clearly not welcomed like its seasonal friends–football, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  A record-breaking 80,000 deaths were attributed to the flu last year; numbers like that haven’t been seen in the United States in 40 years.
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