Eileen Fisher sandals: Is “love” too strong a word for a shoe?

Who needs Dorothy’s ruby slippers or Cinderella’s glass ones when you’ve got an Eileen Fisher sandal? These comfortable and cute sandals will take you anywhere.
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Celebration, Florida: A Welcome Break from Orlando’s I-4 Craziness!

Bohemian Hotel Celebration
Disney is magical but can also wear you down. Celebration, Florida is a great place to stay and spend time… it complements Disney well!
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Afterprom — a spectacular party that keeps kids safe

Prom is all about fancy dresses, high heels and tuxedos. Afterprom is about FUN. And don’t tell the kids — it keeps them safe that night, and keeps mom and dad from worrying too much.
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Low-Carb Cauliflower Fried Rice

Use your favorite leftover protein (steak, pork or chicken) and leftover or frozen veggies for this easy one-pan cauliflower fried rice.
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Hey Guys — Valentine’s Gifts Your Wife Will ACTUALLY Like

Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that you wife will actually like? It’s not a last-minute box of Little Debbie snack cakes, and it’s not the picked-over cards at Walgreen’s. Aim Cupid’s Arrow higher this year.
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Condo Bathroom Renovation: Before and After

We’re loving our new condo in Naples, Florida, but the master bath was dark needed some updates. The Bathroom “Before”: The bathroom was spacious, with good cabinets and a nice…
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